April 27-28                      


CNYRHA Spring Slide 

And Mike McEntire Clinic                 

and Secrets of Judging Seminar

and 2017 Awards 

Morrisville College Morrisville, NY

June 8-10


CNYRHA Ride and SlideNYS Fairgrounds Syracuse, NY

July 21-22


CNYRHA Summer Slide

and Ranch Riding Clinic

Morrisville College Morrisville, NY

August 11-12


CNYRHA Summer Slidin ByMorrisville College Morrisville, NY

October 19-21


CNYRHA Fall Classic 

And CNYRHA and NEBT Futurity

NYS Fairgrounds Syracuse, NY

          #Indicates Qualifier for Year End Awards

          @indicates Qualifier for NAAC


2018 CNYRHA Show Dates