The Central New York Reining Horse Association will present a Circuit Champion, a Reserve Champion, and 3rd - 5th places in the NRHA Green Reiner 2 class.

Shows that will count are:

  • CNYRHA Spring Slide April 28th
  • CNYRHA Ride and Slide Show Syracuse NY June 7-9
  • CNYRHA Summer Slide July 21st
  • CNYRHA Summer Slidin By August 10-11
  • CNYRHA Fall Classic Syracuse NY October 17-20th



CNYRHA Summer Slidin By 

Morrisville College Morrisville, NIY

Central New York Reining Horse Association

CNYRHA Ride & Slide - June 7-9

Central New York Reining Horse Association has been a cornerstone of the sport of Reining in Central New York since 2001. 
We are a recognized affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association. Reining is the only western Equine Discipline recognized by the Federation Equestrian International and is a full medal sport of the World Equestrian Games.

Central New York Reining Horse Association is proud to announce the

2019 CNYRHA Green Reiner Circuit

Richard “Ollie” Griffith
Lynne Laform
Heather Powell



CNYRHA Summer Slide 
& Ranch Riding Clinic 
Morrisville College Morrisville, NY


Rider must be a member of CNYRHA prior to showing to qualify for circuit
Points will be accumulated using the NRHA Green Reiner point system
Points will be accumulated on a horse rider combination

Champion will be awarded a trophy saddle by Continental Saddlery

NYS Expo Center NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY

NRHA, USEF/FEI 3*, CNYRHA Derby & USA Reining

Reining in a Fun Atmosphere