Jose Vazquez on Smart Etta

Champions Northeast Breeders Trust

2015 Non Pro Futurity

Northeast Breeders Trust Stallion Auction

and Fall Futurity

From February1st to February 14th of every year, CNYRHA holds a Stallion Auction. The proceeds from this auction are placed in the NEBT Fall Futurity held at the CNYRHA Fall Classic in Syracuse, NY. 

 All three year olds from Stallions that are placed in auction and sold are eligible to enter in the NEBT Futurity.

 Get from Stallions placed in auction and not sold are eligilble to enter the NEBT Futurity with a one time nomination fee.

The Stallions of the 3 yr olds must be entered in the auction the year of the gets three yr old year,- i.e. get from stallions entered in the 2018 Stallion Auction are eligible for the 2018 NEBT Futurity.

For a list of Stallions entered in the auction please visit